Facts and Myths about Solar Panels

To lessen the effects of global warming, the demand for renewable and limitless energy forms has risen to contribute to decreasing any form of pollution in our country, although there is much misinformation when it comes to a specific and well-known form of energy, the Solar Energy System.

You might ask, “should I get solar panels?” Yes! And we will list, and discuss 5 facts about solar panels, and solar panel myths that a lot of homeowners might be misinformed about them, the cost of adding solar panels to your home, and why you should get them.

Facts about Solar Panels

  1. Solar Energy is Limitless
  2. the main source for solar panels to produce electricity is the sun, which means there is no limit or insufficiency to the electricity provided to your home, it is scientifically proven that the earth receives enough sunlight in one hour to provide electricity for a year.

    although the technology did not reach that ability yet, it shows the potential for harnessing sunlight and convert it into clean, and renewable energy.

  3. Rooftop solar panels can save your budget
  4. Since every household has different energy demands, it is difficult to pinpoint the average amount of savings from a home solar system; However, the average savings after two decades is calculated around $20,000.

    since most solar panels’ warranties are guaranteed for 25 to 30 years, there is a significant chance for even more savings in the long run.

  5. Solar Energy System can cut a massive amount of CO2
  6. having solar panels installed in your home will undoubtedly decrease your carbon print in the environment, proving the solar panels are a durable investment with increasing benefits over time.

    the national renewable energy laboratory discovered that having solar panels can save the environment of, a one-third ton of nitrogen oxides, half a ton of sulfur dioxide, and 100 tons of carbon dioxide.

  7. Solar Panels are light, in weight too
  8. despite the added pounds to your roof by the solar panels, the system is designed to be lightweight, all the equipment including the mounting rack, only weigh between 2 and 4 pounds per square foot.

    However, you might need to check with your roofing company to see how much effect the roof’s warranty will get from solar panels.

  9. Purchasing Solar Panels boosts your home value
  10. whether rooftop or ground installed, buying a home solar system can increase your home’s value, an interesting note to add is homes with solar panels installed are sold quicker than homes without solar panels, homeowners who installed rooftop solar panels recover around 97% of the initial investment, that is pre-calculating the savings from the lowered electricity bills.

Myths about Solar Panels

  1. Solar Panels do not work in cloudy weather
  2. Solar panels work in almost any climate; the solar panels work effectively whether it was snowy weather or cloudy and they do not stop working.

  3. Solar Panels power my home during a blackout
  4. if you are still connected to the grid, the blackout will still affect your home, this usually happens during a storm or electricity workers are trying to fix an issue, as a result, if your inverter is connected to the grid, it will shut off when the grid shuts off.

  5. Solar Energy is too expensive
  6. the investments made on solar panels have generally affected the prices on solar panels and made Them more affordable, the average cost of them has decreased to 30%.

  7. Solar Panels needs a lot of maintenance
  8. solar panels in general need low to zero maintenance, if your panels are tilted, the rain will clean and wash away the leaves and debris off the panels, you can also use a garden hose to clean them but keep in mind that you should avoid using warm water during winter seasons to prevent them from being cracked or damaged.

  9. Solar Panels will damage your roof
  10. installing rooftop panels will cover a portion of your roof and preserve it, panels can be removed since they are not directed attached to the roof material, so it is very unlikely that roof damage is caused by the solar panels.

Can you take solar panels with you when you move?

It is possible to make solar panels move with you but the cost of it will be expensive, it is recommended to leave the purchased solar panels attached to the home and use the increased value amount of money to install it to your new property.

How much does it cost to get Solar Panels Installed?

When it comes to solar panel installation cost, it drops every year, the average cost of solar panels varies depending on the equipment brand, personal energy usage, and the state you live in as well, but how much would solar panels cost to install?

we will list the prices depending on the size

System sizeAverage cost after tax credit
2 kW$4,159
5 kW$10,397
10 kW$20,794
15 kW$41,588

Solar Panel Financing

By using financing programs, you will be able to put the utility company behind as soon as possible.

one of the main requirements of financing for solar panels is the monthly savings on electric bills, they should be more than the loan’s monthly payments.

you can also check with the company’s expert for more financing options to start saving as early as possible.

How much can you save with Solar Panels?

To answer “is it cost-effective to install solar panels, you can save up to 50% off your monthly electric company bill, which leads to save up more money annually.

Solar Panel Warranty

There are two types of warranties with solar panels, Performance warranty and product warranty.

Performance warranty is back up by the solar panel manufacturer for 25 to 30 years, this warranty will guarantee the performance of a panel above a specified degradation rate.

However, it will not guarantee a specific amount of solar production for your system.

Product warranty on the other hand protects you from the errors in the material during the manufacturing process, as known as bad solar panels, but it will not cover the cost of labor to check the equipment, although some companies do cover that under the workmanship warranty.

Solar Panels for Investment Property

installing solar panels on a rental property will attract more tenants for it will help them reduce the utility cost that they will use during their renting time.

As for rental property owners, it is important to check the pros and cons of adding solar panels to their rental property, the main factor to pay attention to is the sun exposure to your property such reasons can convince the landlord to go solar, especially in areas where summer months are usually longer than other areas in the country.

However, if the property is located in a place where the sun exposure is not as frequent, or being in a state that does not offer energy incentive or tax breaks, the reasons for investing in solar panels for rental property will not be as many compared to the more exposed to sunlight locations, but if you are looking to reduce the dependence on public utility despite the location of your property, it is advisable to go solar for a profitable endeavor.