Installing, replacing, and warranty types of Solar Panels

To have more clarity about how these panels are replaced, how much they need to be installed and their warranties, we will discuss in this article the frequent questions when it comes to this project.

Solar Panel Installation

These panels generate more affordable electricity; therefore, homeowners are looking to invest in such projects to cut down the utility bill prices to have a bigger budget to afford other luxuries.

we will discuss in summary the steps of planning home solar system panels before we dig deeper into the project.

  1. Checking home’s energy efficiency
  2. considering the potential of efficiency upgrades are the number one priority when it comes to the process of powering your home with solar panels, being aware of the total electricity usage is a wise step to consider easy to implement plans before choosing solar.

    the electricity reduction sources are home energy audits, appliances and electronics, lightings, heat, and cooling devices.

  3. Estimate your solar potential
  4. checking how much sunlight can reach your address will give you a good insight into how much power will be generated by the solar panels, choosing the right location for them to see how much solar energy reaches it will also decide the size of the system itself.

    keep in mind to check on nearby shade trees, since contractors will evaluate shading, the age of your roof and how long will it need to be replaced, and homeowner association for restrictions or approval requirements.

  5. Evaluate your solar electricity needs
  6. gathering information about your household electrical needs will make it easier for you to determine how much power you will need from the solar panels to generate and how many will you need, reviewing your electricity bill will give you more clarity when it comes to it.

  7. Obtaining quotes from Solar installers
  8. when it comes to installers, make sure to find a licensed and qualified professional with proper certifications, asking friends or family members who went through solar for references can help you decide which company would you go to, but before making any commitments, always remember before working with the professional, ask for proof of licensure.

How much to Install Solar Panels?

There are 3 key factors that determine exactly how much will it cost to install them.

  1. Home’s average utility cost and energy usage.
  2. The amount of sun your rooftop receives annually.
  3. The average local cost for the panels and the average labor cost in your area.

The reason why it is hard to calculate the average of installing solar panels in the nation is that it varies from state to state, however, the cost to install solar panels is decreasing year over year within the country.

But when it comes to calculating the cost of the solar panel size, we list them with the 5 of the most popular within the states.

Solar Panel SizeAverage Solar Installation Costs
2 kW$6,015
4 kW$12,035
6 kW$18,500
8 kW$24,552

Why does solar installation cost is different from one house to another?

The main reason homeowners looking to install solar panels is to eliminate as much electricity fees as they can, but each house’s needs change from one to another, every house has its own average electricity usage, not mentioning of course the different installing cost based on the location of the project.

Replacing Old Solar Panels

There are many reasons they are considered to be replaced, weather damage, under performing, which we will discuss later in this article.

but one of the top reasons for replacing solar panels is old age which leads to low performance as well.

the average life span of the panels is 40 years if not forcefully damaged, they can keep producing power even after the 40 years limit but without the same efficiency, the panels are durable and the technology is practical.

solar panel manufacturers attach a warranty to every panel they produce, the warranty ranges from 10 years up to 25 years depending on the company.

How Much to Replace Solar Panels?

To have more clarity, there is a difference between reinstalling and replacing a solar panel, reinstalling means removing a solar panel and reinstall it in a different or same location.

Replacement means removing a solar panel and install a completely new one, to remove and replace a unit can cost about $150 to $350, but if you are looking to replace an old system it can cost $15,000 to $30,000.

Solar Panels under performing

As we discussed earlier the reasons why solar panels need replacements, solar panels not performing can be caused by 3 main issues:

  1. Dust and Dirt
  2. Solar panels degrade over time and losing efficiency about 1% to 2% each year, however significant performance drop year to year is not normal, if that to happen, it is likely caused by dirt and debris collect over the panels as they block sunshine, therefore negatively impact solar electricity output.

  3. Shade
  4. Solar panels depend on sunlight to produce energy, obstructions like trees can block out the light which leads to a decrease in performance checking obstruction under the panels is a wise decision as well, birds and vermin can damage the system’s components and leads to lower energy production.

  5. Inverter
  6. nearly every solar panel comes with an inverter, the main function of it is to convert a direct current to alternating current electricity for your home, checking if the invertor’s light is steady and green it means it is working and there is nothing wrong with it.

    if the inverter’s light is yellow, red, or flashing, it might need checking or maintenance.

Solar Panel Warranty types

There are two types of warranties:

Maintaining Solar Panels

The most common question about solar panels to have their efficiency to the maximum as long as possible is, how much to maintain solar panels?

generally, solar panels require little to no maintenance outside what you visually see, however for homeowners to have peace of mind, it is recommended to get a yearly inspection, including solar panel cleaning as well.

Solar panel inspection costs around $150 to $300 by a professional, they will ensure that you are getting the maximum return on your solar power.

as for the cleaning cost it varies from $150 to $330 on average, these prices can change depending on the amount of work required and the size of the solar panels that you own, despite the cleaning cost is inexpensive, experts are very careful not to use potentially harmful chemicals when cleaning them, so it is very important to pick the right expert for the job to not to damage the solar panels.

the best way to check up if your solar panels need maintenance is by monitoring your solar energy output frequently, inconsistent readings show that a part of the panels may be malfunctioning or in need of repair or replacement.